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Romance Author Hotspot is an influential and reliable Netherlands dedicated server hosting service solution. We represent optimum resources of web hosting services with a range of tools and features. We aspire to technological innovation to promise the best service to our clients. 

We believe in smart hosting. Therefore, we can deliver quality performance with speed at affordable rates. 

Know Us

We understand your concerns while hosting a website. That’s why we came up with a solution to look after all your website needs. We have plans tailored for your needs and budget. We provide a range of tools and services to benefit. Also, we deliver premium performance, speed, flexibility, and everything that you expect. Your website is run on advanced servers packed with the latest technologies and is configured with top-most security. 

Your personal advisors

Our technical experts never let your leave unsatisfied and empty-handed. Whenever you approach us, they deliver tons of useful information along with solving your issues. We deliver unbiased solutions with best practices and values. 

Building trustworthy associations with our clients is not an easy task. Instead, we strive hard to make your feel satisfied and develop trust.

Dedicated hosting provides a server on rent for your to host a site. Managed server is similar to dedicated servers but they feature services that help in efficient server management.  

VPS can be segmented into numerous virtual servers in a sole physical server. Each of the segments can run its independent applications, operating system, and data. It delivers enhanced security, flexibility, cost-efficiency, resources, and freedom.

A domain name must be short and catchy. Carry out some research to choose the perfect domain name. Do not use special characters in your domain name.

No, you do not need any technical understanding or specialization for shared hosting. You can avail the benefits of our Netherlands server even if you are a beginner.


Our exceptional service assists you through all steps and processes. We will guide you in picking the best option to work on the issues you possess. 

To increase loading speed, minimize HTTP requests, optimize images, minify resources, and utilize compression. 

SQL injection, cross-site scripting, DDoS, and firewall would safeguard your website from cyber-attacks and unauthorized access.