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We are an online book community.  We try to everything in one place (One Stop shop for Books and Authors on the Web)  We have book reviews, an active blog, a large monthly newsletter, 2 calendars filled with author events, live chats, tons of contests, spotlight authors, a huge forum which continually grows, author interviews, writing seminars, story development events, and more

First question:

Eggnog or Mimosas? Are you old enough to drink?

KarenneLyn: Mimosas! I would prefer the coffee flavor please.  Good news is that I am just barely old enough to drink (glares and whispers to my 23 year old son..shhhh if you ever want money from me again)  oh and I drug….I mean invited a few of our Coffee Crew staffers (chains are only so long) to play with us today!

Vanessa Devereaux – Mimosas, you can drink more of them than eggnog without feeling too full. And yes, I’ve been old enough to drink for more years than I want to remember, hence the need for alcohol to make me forget.

Kimberly: Mimosa, please! *ponders to think* Egads! I’m almost twice the legal drinking age!

Karen Cote: Eggnog definitely. I’ve had the pleasure of celebrating my 21st birthday twice now.

Maggie:  Eggnog, at my age I need Vitamins.  If I remember Correctly, yes I am old enough to drink.

Viki: Heck, I’m old enough to remember Boone’s Farm! Hmm. I love egg nog but I’d go with mimosas. It’s easier to slip down a few mimosas over eggnog ;)

Virginia: Old enough? *coughsputter* I am so old, drinking is a requirement. But I like mimosa better. It is so fruity and light where as eggnog is all thick and gloopy.

Heather: Though I do enjoy fruity alcoholic drinks–this time of the year, I have to go with eggnog. I certainly hope I’m old enough to drink. There has to be some perks to being in my 30s. :D

We’re also taking pictures with Santa, did you bring a gift for him? (Maybe a new release or a pretty book cover…)

KarenneLyn: I did bring Santa a box of goodies.  I have a new leather whip and stilettos boots.  Did I mention they are in my size?  (wiggles eyebrows)  ho ho ho

Vanessa Devereaux – As this is for Santa, I’d like him to enjoy the cover of my first short story for Cobblestone Press’ new Blue line, and by coincidence it’s all about the jolly old man himself and titled Nicole’s Secret Santa. A warning for Santa…it’s very naughty!

Kimberly: I’m sorry, but I don’t have anything for Santa…except a kiss on his rosy cheek.

Karen Cote: It’s a long trip from the North Pole. I know Santa would love to read my new release Erotic Deception on his journey.

Maggie: No, let him buy his own book!

Viki: Oh, yes, I think Santa would like this pretty cover of Jack Hunter (The Hunter Within) – depending which team Santa plays on. *wink…wink*

Virginia: None, yet. I have a new release coming in the spring but nothing right now. Sorry, Santa. You just get me. *kiss*

Heather: I have no book covers–nor published books but I could doodle a little something for ya. heh

 Please enter. Drinks are served by the elves in the corner.

KarenneLyn:  just keep ‘em coming!

Vanessa Devereaux – Wait, I can’t see them…

Kimberly: Thank you for having me! What a wonderful party!!

Karen Cote: Oh. I thought those were the Staff members.

Maggie:  Thanks, but I only have two hands

Heather:  I will bring a really long straw to reach that low.

What’s your favorite holiday and why?

Vanessa Devereaux – Not to sound like a cliché but it’s Christmas. What isn’t to love about it, gifts, food, people being nice even if they’re a**holes the rest of the year.

Karen Cote:  Christmas, of course. Where else are joy and hope celebrated in such extravagance. It’s the one time of year where people are fanatics about giving to others.

Maggie: July 4.  No gifts and no cards to send.

Viki: Fourth of July because I love fireworks.

Virginia: I think that Halloween is my favorite holiday because of the pretending to be something more magical than you are elements but Christmas is a close second. There is just something wonderful about snow falling as if the whole world is saying, “Hush!” and people going out of their way to help each other like they do no other time of year… Hard to resist a holiday like that.

Heather: I’m a sucker for Christmas. Not only for the day but the entire Christmas season.

After the snow falls, late at night, there is a hush that envelopes the world like a bubble.It is so crisp and fluffy white, it’s like being in a snowglobe. During the day there is this energy that flows from person to person. Hope abounds even in the weary and poor. People are a little warmer toward each other and eager for the future ahead. It’s really such an addictive feeling. It’s something that I fully immerse myself in with joyous abandon. It’s also elusive and mysterious. usually it is something that hides throughout the year but in December, it shines so brightly and blankets the world in it’s beauty.

Did you ask Santa for anything good?

KarenneLyn: You are going to laugh, but I asked for a countertop composter.

Vanessa Devereaux – I think it’s good for me…lots more contracts for my stories and more sexy guys on the covers of them.

Kimberly: Books, books and more books. My personal Santa has told me that I’ve been a very naughty girl (and that’s good in his book) so if I can be patient, I may get a Kindle Fire in February.

Karen Cote: A full year of advertising at Coffee Time Romance

Maggie:  Yes!

Viki: Besides coal in my stocking? :) Why be good? …this year my DH will surprise me.

Virginia: I asked him for more bookshelves. Bookshelves are important stuff around my house…

Heather: I only ask for naughty things. Define good?

What’s your favorite place to spend the holidays?

KarenneLyn: At home with my family.  Sitting in the kitchen cooking, laughing, and talking with the family.  Just makes my heart sing.

Vanessa Devereaux:  London. An awesome city any time of the year but no one does Christmas quite like my birthplace.

Kimberly: At home with my darling hubby and our canine kids. Running from family celebration to family celebration gets to be too much for us. It’s quiet and peaceful at our house with just the seven of us. We move at our own pace instead of hustling around.

Karen Cote: At home with my family and since I’m the mother, I get to host the party.

Maggie:  Away from here

Viki:  Where ever home is at the time.

Virginia: With my kiddos. The location isn’t important, not compared to that special light that a child gets in their eyes. The wonder… It is awesome.

Heather: At home with my kiddies curled up in my lap and my hubby under the mistletoe.

What is your favorite Christmas memory?

KarenneLyn: When my kids were little, I loved hearing them giggling in their rooms (because they had to stay there until we got up) trying to be quiet on Christmas morning.  It would just crack me and the hubby up!

Vanessa Devereaux – When I was five and my grandmother said she’d buy me any doll I wanted. We were in Woolworth’s…yes, remember those stores? And there was a doll on the top shelf with no clothes and no hair, just plastic waves to make it look like she had some. Despite that she was the prettiest doll in the world. On Christmas morning she was sitting in a shiny blue toy car wearing a white dress and red velvet coat and hat that my grandmother had made. And yes, I still have that doll. She sits on my bed.

Kimberly: Arriving at my grandma’s house at noon on Christmas Eve and helping her prepare for the family get together for that evening. I got to spend the entire day making candy, listening to her stories, and making dinner. It was a magickal time that I wish I could relive if even for one day.

Karen Cote: Visiting London, on to Florence and finalizing the event by flying on to New York and throwing confetti off one of the buildings. (My friend is the person who makes the confetti and then does the confetti drop at Time Square every year. He invited us to attend and after a police escort through the masses of people, we were taken up to one of the roofs above the MTV ice sculpture where we throw the confetti 20 minutes before midnight as that is how long it takes to fall.)

Viki: I’m lucky to have so many wonderful Christmas memories. Christmas Eve was our family’s celebratory night – friends and relatives would drop in for my dad’s famous brandy Manhattens. I’d bake the butter cookies – complete with red and green sprinkles on Christmas trees, wreaths and Santas. We’d dress up in our holiday dresses and open our presents. It didn’t get any better than that!

Virginia: Every year is a new and magical memory for me, so I can’t say I have a favorite.

Heather: On Christmas morning in 2004 my boyfriend got me cute, soft and cuddly bunny. While the kids and I were petting and coddling the bunny my husband got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. Completely shocked and befuddled I stared blankly and muttered “Oh, crap.” Then after glancing at the grinning faces of my family, I agreed and we celebrated. It seems that my family had known for over a month and they were bursting at the seems over keeping such a huge secret. (P.S, we named the bunny little bunny foo-foo.

Do you have personal resolutions for the New Years? Anything interesting?

KarenneLyn: Yes!  I have a personal goal for myself and I am ready to make it happen.  I am planning on maxing out my eReader this year.  Yes it is ambitious but I am up to the task!  Please Santa give me some money or gift certificates for Christmas

Vanessa Devereaux – Just realized I’m boring because none of them are interesting! Maybe it means I’ve been too good all year. Have to think about what naughty things I can get up to in 2012. Main one is to get my first screenplay finished and off to an agent.

Kimberly: My hubby and I have reached “that age” where we are trying to eat healthier. I guess that is my New Year’s resolution: Eat healthier. We’re trying out vegan/vegetarian recipes now and we’re quite surprised by what we are finding.

Karen Cote: LOL. I don’t make promises I can’t keep.

Viki: I always have resolutions and good intentions! I have crossed off ‘exercise’ a long time ago! I do have a personal resolution to take a Tarot class and study an esoteric isms. I’ve been focused on the physical side of life – with losing weight, writing career, creative goals…and now I feel the urge to reconnected with my spiritual nature.

Virginia: I resolve to take over the world… And I will, too ;)

Heather: To not make any resolutions. To write more frequently. To survive another semester of college. :D

So…I heard you’re a book seller and much more! What do you specifically do?

We do have an eBook Store.  We set this up to help defray some of the costs associated with a website and events so that we could keep our prices down for authors. We are lucky enough to get some great books for readers.  We are constantly adding eBooks from publishers.  One of the great things is that every book is on sale at 20% off for the first 30 days they are in our eBook store.  Please stop by anytime, we are always open LOL

How did Coffee Time Romance start? What inspired you to work with books?

We started off as a Yahoo group talking with family and friends about romance books.  From there we grew (thank you everyone) to an online book community which has everything a book lover could want….or we will soon!

What other services does Coffee Time Romance provide?

We have a lot of events for readers and we have tons of great ways for authors to get out the word about their books. We have a lot of different things to fit every budget.

What goals does Coffee Time Romance have for the new upcoming year?

Wow!  You know, we have been working on that for a couple of months.  Needless to say, we have not set those goals LOL  Basically we just want to continue to bring honest reviews and great things for book lovers to do!

We actually are looking to expand our Coffee Crew.  We are looking for book reviewers, interviewers, moderators….just fun stuff .  So if you love books, love to laugh, and enjoy warped people, then you need to join our crew!  eMail:

What news would you like to share with your readers?

Thank you THANK YOU for making us strive to meet all of your needs/wants.  We do look forward to bringing you more in the near future!

Where can readers find you?

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Thank you so much for joining us at Romance Author Hotspot!

Thank you so much for inviting us!

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