It’s Memorial Weekend! Party! Party! Okay, Let’s try something different…

As we all know, Memorial Day is just around the corner and I’m sure all of you all gearing up for some cool trip, time spent with family and friends, or even just an excuse to party.


Memorial Day is a time packed with memories for all those who have served our nation and those who have died in honor. For the past few years, my life has been thrown into the whole military whirlwind as I’ve moved across the country from New York to Hawaii and back to the mainland. I’ve been introduced to the different branches of military, met wonderful people who have loved ones overseas ensuring that our country’s greatness. I’ve learned a lot about what the men and women who serve our country do for us, how they risk their lives to protect our rights and our lands, and also the sacrifices they’ve made to ensure our safety and freedom. I have to say, it’s awesome to live in this country, and realize how much history we have and what we continue to fight for.


So for this special weekend, I would just like to hang out and talk about whatever your heart desires! Don’t be shy. Grab a drink from the bar, and commemorate with us.


Share your plans for Memorial weekend! What are you doing? How are you celebrating this weekend? BBQ? Fireworks? Give me some ideas!


Two lucky commenter will win a $20 gift certificate from Barnes and Nobles and also a special gift package from ME! (I’m Clarissa, by the way, for you new guests that have accidentally stumbled on my blog.) Winner will be chosen on Wednesday, June 1st.

Also, please be ready to gear up for the summer part soon! Will post more as soon as possible! It’s gonna be huge!

58 Responses to “It’s Memorial Weekend! Party! Party! Okay, Let’s try something different…”

  • Maureen O. Betita Says:

    My plans for the weekend. After bleaching my brain from reading the unpublished MS of Robert C. Roman… I’m going to finish the first draft of my book. Saturday I’m going to a scifi convention and not think of anything. Sunday, sleep in. Monday…maybe I’ll write the short Val wants… I might go see On Stranger Tides again.

  • Silke Juppenlatz Says:

    I’m writing. I actually have today off, because I’ve switched days at work. So for me it’s a VERY long weekend — 4 days — and I mean to make the most of it.
    I’m working on the sequel to Howl, and it’s going strong. With a bit of luck I’ll have 75% of it written by Monday. (Which means knuckling down and writing, instead of crawling around blogs. Gasp! The horror!)

  • Debora Dennis Says:

    I’ve got three days off, one parade, three barbecues with family and friends (and hope to squeeze in shopping for some awesome bargains!) And writing time!

    The flag will be flying all weekend. I have some veterans (young and old) in my family and have a huge amount of respect for our military and their families.

    Happy Memorial Day (stay safe!)

  • Jennifer Shirk Says:

    I’ll be eating and partying–and hopefully writing a little. :)
    My hubby already asked me if I’ll be making my pineapple chili margaritas this weekend. LOL

    • Romance Author Hotspot Says:

      Pineapple Chili Margheritas?! I wanna come visit YOU! THat sounds sooo good right now. I know you posted that recipe somewhere, I’ll have to go search for it. Hope you have an awesome time and get some writing done, woman!

  • susan leech Says:

    Our plans for the week end was changed after my husband nearly cut his right thumb off..he is right handed of course. We will have a few friends over to our house and hold a covered dish cook out. We are making ribs, hamburgers and hotdogs and with the guest’s covered dishes I hope to have a great day. Hubby is in much pain so hope this will help him forget some of it. Friends are helpful in times like this and so happy we have so many wonderful friends to be around us. I will take time to remember those whose lives were given so we can do what we want and have no fear. Let’s all take a few minutes and also pray for all our servicemen and women who are still out there fighting for our rights. Happy Memorial Day. susan Leech

    • Romance Author Hotspot Says:

      OMG. I’m so sorry about your hubby’s thumb, but at least he’s happy, healthy, and hopefully will be able to laugh over this once it all passes. :) Your weekend sounds like fun too. Lots of food and those are always the best kinds of parties. I’m hoping to be in DC and hopefully will be able to do some more military things. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Chelle Sandell Says:

    Oh, Susan! OUCH! Hope he feels better! We’re going to clean up our 5th wheel trailer and get it ready for our summer lake trips. Sunday we’ll take it down to a friend’s house to store it until we’re ready to use. We’ll have friends over to BBQ on Monday and Tuesday we’ll take little man to the zoo.

    Hope everyone has a wonderful, but safe, Memorial Day!

  • Bethanne Says:

    My sister and her friend are visiting this weekend! I have food planned–it’s always the first thing I get together–what’s more important, right?! BBQ grilled chx, burgers, potato salad, watermelon… and finally, ice cream!

    Good weather, too so I want to get outside and enjoy it!!!

  • kate richards Says:

    I’m up in Bishop, California for Mule days and we have bbqs planned, and going to see my three nephews and niece in the parade, and shoot don’t know what all! I also plan to edit as much as possible and maybe (gasp) finish my 1NightStand story! I also think the DH may take me off for a night in Nevada, he’s such a romantic err ghost hunter, he loves the ghost towns

  • Chris Bails Says:

    I am a book whore. I love to read and would love to win this gift card. I got a nook for moms day and am filling it up with books. A lot of free ebooks everywhere. Especially love to get from the local library in town.
    Thanks for the giveaway and the chance to win.

  • Chris Bails Says:

    Sorry forgot to add my plans for memorial day. I have to work part of the weekend on saturday and sunday. then on monday we are having a cookout with some friends.

  • Heather Bennett Says:

    birthday celebration, clean the garage and possibly scrapbooking in my future.

  • Mara Says:

    My dad BBQ’s on Memorial Day. Kind of a big deal in our military family. Hope you have a great one Clarissa!

  • cky15 Says:

    We are going to Vegas just for the day. Only thing is hate the wind because we get the wind burns mostly will be hot.
    We honor our friends and families that have passed on by cleaning their graves.
    Our have has 6 veterans but we place flags on all the veterans family or not. To honor they for what they did for us. Fighting all different wars that we had been in.
    They are very important to our people so we honor them.
    Have a nice weekend to all.

  • Becca Dale Says:

    It is raining here and supposed to be wet all weekend. When it lets up, we will go clean the headstones and place flowers and visit with our relatives who are no longer with us. That takes most of the day because the three cemeteries are in a thirty-mile radius. I know that sounds weird, but it is actually a moment to reflect on the fact that we miss them and what they all meant to us. Then we will go to the Memorial celebration at the Veterans’ Monument. It is always a heart tugging ceremony. After that grilling with the kids and the folks and a belated celebration of hubby’s and my 25th anniversary. Busy weekend but one of my favorites because it is so connected to respect and to the past. Hope you have a fabulous one too, Clarissa.

  • Gabriella Hewitt Says:

    This weekend is maxing and relaxing. Finish up the last edits today. Then on to B-day party with the kiddies and to the pool for a BBQ & beer. Love 3 day weekends:)

  • Kit Donner Says:

    Hi Clarissa,
    Spending time with family, like many, I imagine. I saw there’s a Memorial Day Parade in my little town on Monday and plan to walk over to view it. I like to pay tribute to those who’ve served and those still serving our great country. Have a great weekend!

  • Cynthia Selwyn Says:

    I use Memorial Day as a “time-to” marker. Time to open the pool…time to plant the vegetable garden. (Though every year I vow “next year, I’ll start at the beginning of May”.) Mostly, though, it’s a nice day to spend with family. :)

    Nice post, Clarissa! :)

  • Nina Croft Says:

    The weird thing about not working (at a day job at least) is that holidays tend to totally pass you by. But in honor of all my American friends, I will treat this as a holiday. Not sure how though. Maybe I’ll read a book – my sister sent me The Iron Duke. That sounds like a good plan!

  • Kienna Riley Says:

    Hello everyone! I will be hanging out with the family and working on my WIPs in between events. I have a few Military themed so this is the perfect weekend to honor our nations heroes and get them finished:) Best to all! Kienna Riley

    • Romance Author Hotspot Says:

      Military books are so hot right now. I went to the Naval Academy yesterday and toured the building. It was pretty cool to check out the history and see what our military had gone through. Good luck with the WIPs!

  • deena remiel Says:

    I’m going to the Phoenix Comicon today with hubby! WOot woot! Then we have Youngest’s Regional Championships for TnT tomorrow. Monday… is up in the air. (Not literally, although that would be fun!lol)

  • Kathleen Ann Gallagher Says:

    I have a three day weekend! Yeah!! I plan to concentrate on my wip for most of Saturday. Later in the day, I’m going shopping for a bright colored top for the taping of The X Factor with Simon Cowell. Sunday a family barbeque at my house. Monday more writing, and relaxing in my garden.

    I hope you all have a safe, and fun holiday!

  • LorettaLynn Says:

    This weekend im going outside to plant my garden and all my flowers:) There is finlly a nice day to get it done and i enjoy the outside jsut as much as i enjoy reading:):) Happy Weekend everyone!!


  • Amanda Woodward Says:

    I BBQed lastnight Today I am throwing a surprise party for my fiance trying to keep this secret is 007 work he is a great spy. Then tomorrow I have a family dinner planned something quite for just family to celebrate his birthday. Monday another BBQ with all in attendance!!! Tuesday long soak and back too work. During this helter skelter my life will be moving on to the audiobook Wise Mans Fear by Patrick Rothfuss and the musical soundtrack of Zapp & Roger, Nickelback, and sssshhh Lady Gaga

  • tammy ramey Says:

    i have spent time with my family,we watched some movies and then while they watched sports i have been doing research and doing some writing.

  • Olivia Starke Says:

    Have to work at the store all three days :( And the air conditioning is out there :p But hey, at least the sun is out so can’t complain too much!

  • Silke Juppenlatz Says:

    Well, I did hit my target of 20k at 11am this morning *yay!*, then went out for a 2hr ride (meaning it takes about 4-5 hours with all the driving, running after the pony, grooming, persuading her to put her foot in a bucket of water (her hooves are really dry, we haven’t rain for ages.) and whatnot.)
    Then I got home and watched St. Elmo’s Fire — which I’d never seen. (How did I manage that??)
    @Olivia — We don’t have air conditioning. Period.
    I sit in a tin can, which becomes an oven/sauna by midday in summer. I feel for you. :(
    We can crack a window open, but alas… the local dump is half a mile down the road, and uh… the “aroma” travels.

  • Brenda Hyde Says:

    My middle son turned 17, so we had our cookout on Sunday instead of Monday– it’s hard to believe he’s that old already. My husband had to work 12 hours– he’s an RN–Monday so it was a laid back day, but I did manage to write 1,000 words on my WIP, and get some reading done!

    • Romance Author Hotspot Says:

      Yay on the writing! it always feels good to see a story when it gets themselves on paper (or you get it on paper). I hope your son had a great party! ANd wow 17 is pretty scary. I remember that age…I think I scared my parents more than anything. lol. Hope you found time to relax with the whole family!

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