Dec 24 2011

Silke Juppenlatz

Meet Silke Juppenlatz!

Silke grew up in Germany and is used to things going bump in the night — and it wasn’t always the acrophobic cat, or someone hitting their head on a low beam on the ceiling. She writes paranormal romance, usually at night, but it’s not all ghosts and ghouls — the occasional alien also makes an appearance in her stories.

These days the only thing going bump at “oh-dark-thirty” is when she smacks into the sofa while creeping to the kitchen for another cup of coffee.
When she’s not writing, or driving her partner crazy, she can be found on the back of her dapple gray Paso Fino gelding, Oscuro, getting lost somewhere in the Surrey countryside.

Silke likes to hear from her readers. Feel free to contact her via her blog at, follow her on Twitter, look her up on Goodreads or become a friend on Facebook and G+

First question:

Eggnog or Mimosas? Are you old enough to drink?

Yuck. Neither. I won’t say no to a pint of Guinness, but if you really want to make my day, you offer me a dram of Laphroaig (That’s Scotch, for you heathens out there), served hand warmed, in a full bellied glass, with one drop of water.

We’re also taking pictures with Santa, did you bring a gift for him? (Maybe a new release or a pretty book cover…)
Santa gets to ogle Jo, on the Smitten cover. Maybe I should have left that one at home. Not sure she’s into being ogled, but it’ll probably make his day. *eyes the very hunky Santa and slings the cover in the fire* Oops. Do I get to sit on his knee anyway?


Reserved and shy Jo Button is tired of being the talk of the town. Enough is enough. Time to put her plans in motion, but a mishap forces her to seek out veterinarian Ash Delaney—the one man she has always wanted.

Ex-Guardian Angel Ashriel isn’t too happy when the reason for his de-haloed state shows up and requests his help. He has avoided Jo Button for ten years, and could quite happily go another ten without seeing her—until he realizes her battered reputation was his fault.

Can Ashriel save Jo, even if it means redemption is beyond his grasp, or will he lose his halo permanently along with the woman he’s come to care for?

Please enter. Drinks are served by the elves in the corner.

*eyes the elves* Laphroaig. Neat. NO ice. *glares when one tries to sneak a cube into the glass* Don’t even think about it. You kill a Scotsman every time you put ice in Scotch.

What’s your favorite holiday and why?

Halloween. For one thing, it’s in autumn, which is my favorite season, for another, I write paranormal romance. Halloween (Samhain) appeals to me.

Did you ask Santa for anything good?

I not only asked — I got. My Christmas and Birthday present combined, for the next ten years, is a 9 year old, dapple gray Paso Fino gelding named Oscuro del Gavilan. Or Oz, for short.
He’s beautiful, the smoothest ride you can imagine, and I still don’t believe he’s mine. J

What’s your favorite place to spend the holidays?

Snuggled up with my partner Paul. Where doesn’t really matter. And if I can’t have that…it’ll be on Oscuro’s back. Again…where doesn’t matter. I’m happy anywhere, as long as I can be with the people (or horse) I care about.

What is your favorite Christmas memory?

The moment the door opened to reveal the lit Christmas tree on Christmas Eve (the traditional day of Christmas in Germany.)

Do you have personal resolutions for the New Years? Anything interesting?

Stopping smoking. Again. Write more. Not really a New Year’s resolution, but something I want to do. I don’t really make resolutions, because I think they are just a way to frustrate yourself.
Actually, I lie. I do have one resolution: I’m going to keep a handwritten diary next year.

Why do you write romance?

Because whenever I try to write anything else, it turns into a romance anyway lol. I just can’t help myself.

How long have you been writing for? And how would you describe your publication journey?

I’ve written since I could drag a crayon across wallpaper. (My dad is really handy when it comes to redecorating. I’d like to think I had a hand in developing that skill in him.) I don’t remember a time when stories — told, or written down — didn’t factor in some way. I’ve amassed a huge amount of manuscripts. You seriously do not want to know exactly how many are sitting on my harddrive, in Lever Arch files, folders, notebooks and what have you. Handwritten, typewritten, or computer typed. I think it must be close to 600 or so. Most will never see the light of day, but I will not get rid of them either. They are practice. J As for publication…Every time I got talked into submitting a story, I backpedaled. Then one day, in a fit of madness…I sent one off.
Hey presto, here I am. Two books published, the third coming next year.

Are you a plotter or pantser? What is your routine?

I’m a serial pantser. I don’t have a routine as such, except one. “What if…” That’s all I need to get going. There is always a what if. My partner and I sat in the pub once and he asked me how quickly I can come up with a story. I said give me a key word. He said “Prawn Cocktail.” The words were barely out of his mouth, when I said “Got it.”
He made me tell him, and I did. He stared at me in disbelief the entire time I spun a tale for him.
And all it took was: “What if…”

What characteristics do all your heroes/heroines have in all your stories?

Oh wow. All of them? I don’t think they have all that much in common. Or if they do, then I don’t see it because I’m too close to the stories.

What writing resources do you abide by as a writer?

None. Rules are there to be broken. There is no single resource I use, and I pick and choose what I want to apply. “You can’t” will result in me going “Watch me.”
I enjoyed reading “The Art of War for Writers”, but I don’t adhere to it as my bible.
The only rule I obey is “Do, or do not. There is no try.” (Yoda)

What advice would you give aspiring authors?

If someone gives you feedback, pay attention. You won’t necessarily agree with what you’re told, but pay attention anyway. It’s the only way you’ll grow as a writer. You need to know what you do WELL, just like you need to know what you suck at. We all suck at something, just like we’re all good at something. Read the good as thoroughly as you do the bad, and build on it.
It’s okay to argue your corner, but if six people tell you not to kill your hero in Chapter 2 because it ruins the story — then don’t kill your hero in Chapter 2.

What are you working on right now?

The third installment to Howl. And a Sci-Fi romance. And the introduction story of a series I’ve started to write a long time ago.

What news would you like to share with your readers?

“Watch me”, the sequel to Howl, is scheduled for release in August 2012. It’s Tiffy’s story, and just like in Howl, there will be some unexpected twists and turns.

Where can readers find you?

    1. Twitter:!/Evil_Author/
    2. Facebook:
    3. Website:
    4. Goodreads:
    5. Google+:

List other books you have out:

Howl (Lyrical Press)

Thank you so much for joining us at Romance Author Hotspot!

Thank you for having me!

*kidnaps Santa*

Prize:  Two books from DP’s backlist

Dec 24 2010

15. Decadent Publishing: Indulge your book fetish….

Welcome to Holiday Bash 2010! Contestant #15:

Decadent Publishing

Eggnog or Mimosas?
Eggnog is a fixture this time of year! Yummy. I’ll have two. Although, none is as good as my Gram’s was. She used the good stuff in hers!

We’re also taking pictures with Santa, did you bring a gift for him?

Is it that cute guy in the corner with the red jacket on <pointing>? The one from Deanna Wadsworth’s Secret Santa book cover? Nice party! Umm, I have a free copy of Amanda McIntyre’s sweet Irish holiday release, A Christmas Promise.


Widowed Irishman, Brady McCormick made a promise to his young wife the day she died–to bring their son to America and begin a new life in the land of opportunity. Living in charity with a distant uncle in New York, barely scraping by, Brady is unsure he will be able to uphold the promise, much less quell the loneliness, until an angel appears at the docks, Saran Reichardt.

Headstrong and tenacious, gentlewoman Saran knows she’s unlike most women of society. Dedicated to teaching and helping the impoverished, she has no need of a man to take care of her, but an accidental encounter with a stormy-eyed Irish immigrant and his young son changes her perception of what need really is. Will this holiday give them both the hope and faith they desire or will their own stubbornness keep them apart?

Great cover and story! An Irishman, too! Even though you’re a publisher, you still need to pass our test, please…

You’re at the Holiday Party, surrounded by movie stars. Given a dare, you have to tell your actor/model/hero that you own a pub and you want to cast him as your hero for one of your favorite books. Who is this person? What book did you pick? How do you approach this conversation and what do you think his reaction would be? Oh by the way, he’s standing under mistletoe.

I would say it was Henry Cavill from The Tudors, and he would be cast as Cole from Snowy Encounters.  He’d be delighted, because Clarissa Yip is a fabulous writer and Cole is delicious. It wouldn’t take much for me to take that dare, I’m fairly brave about those things! Besides, Henry seems to be the smart, gentlemanly sort.

You’re hosting a Holiday publishing contest. In order to win the hearts of your favorite authors, you’re given 30 minutes to formulate a pitch so they would write the book of your dreams. You’re given a sleigh, a reindeer and a Santa hat. What do you come up with? How do you go about this?

Write me a story about a guy who rides his intergalactic sleigh through the stars and brings ‘cheer’ to all the alien girls, but has a heart meant only for one…a voluptuous woman, from a particularly cold planet, who favors red faux fur. She shows him how to stay warm ‘arctic-style’.  Maybe she shape-shifting reindeer companion will giddy-up with the hero’s second in command!

LOL. That’s telling us that Decadent may want more science fiction romances…Why do you publish romance?

It’s a universal theme; everyone, everywhere, is looking for love in one form or another. Romance is a broad umbrella with so many exciting sub-genres it can never get boring. Almost all the great stories, whether they dress it up in romance-clothing or not, have a romantic element. I’ve read romance and loved the community of writers and readers since Whitney, My Love. It’s been a joy to be part of it in this way.

What do you love in running an epub?

I enjoy the diversity of people I have worked with, from authors to promoters to graphic artists and editors. I have been so inspired by their creativity and commitment to quality. I like collaboration.

And, while I love my paper books, I am a fan of ebooks because of the environmental ‘green’ aspect and the immediacy of availability to readers. If I want the new Sahara Kelly book, I can upload it in bed at 2am.

What goals do you have for the new upcoming year?

Keep putting out quality product, and build on the strong foundation we have in place. I am also looking forward to meeting out Relay For Life team donation goal through our ‘Read For a Cure’ project at Decadent. It’s close to our heart!

Any big projects for 2011?

We are publishing an anthology to help author Tina Gerow. Tina is a (Romantic Times Convention) Faery Court sister to my partner, Lisa Omstead, and we were so very happy to have been asked to work on this project. Anyone attending the 2011 RT Convention in LA will see it there for sale. Many wonderful writers will be contributing!

We will also be announcing a big project that will have stories written by 3 CAPA award nominees. Stay tuned, it will rock you!

What news would you like to share with your readers?

We have our 30 Days of Decadence blog up until Jan 1, when we will announce our Grand Prize winner. Until then, prizes are given away DAILY! Also, we will be at the Romantic Times Writers and Readers Convention this year, giving away a Kindle, a Decadent Wine and Chocolate gift basket, and pretty much having a great time with over 20 of our staff and authors attending, including Clarissa Yip, PJ Schnyder, Seleste Delaney, Amanda McIntyre, and many more.

Where can readers find you?

Twitter: Decadent Pub

Facebook: Decadent Publishing



Will you be willing to answer questions in regards to writing and publication today?

Of course.

We’d like to wish all of your readers a safe and happy holiday, and you as well, Clarissa. You’ve been wonderful to work with at Decadent Publishing!

Thank you so much for joining us at Romance Author Hotspot!

Publisher’s Holiday Gift:

A Copy of A Christmas Promise by Amanda McIntyre and one book of the winner’s choice from the A Passionate Christmas anthology.

Check out the other parties! See Holiday Bash Prize List! Click here.

Dec 9 2010

A Passionate Christmas Anthology shaking up the Party!

Friday New Releases! A Passionate Christmas Anthology brought to you by Decadent Publishing. Have you read the series?

Welcome to Five Oaks, where Mystery, Passion, and Magic collide…

Smitten by Silke Juppenlatz


Reserved and shy Jo Button is tired of being the talk of the town. Enough is enough. Time to put her plans in motion, but a mishap forces her to seek out veterinarian Ash Delaney—the one man she has always wanted.

Ex-Guardian Angel Ashriel isn’t too happy when the reason for his de-haloed state shows up and requests his help. He has avoided Jo Button for ten years, and could quite happily go another ten without seeing her—until he realizes her battered reputation was his fault.

Can Ashriel save Jo, even if it means redemption is beyond his grasp, or will he lose his halo permanently along with the woman he’s come to care for?

Click here for Excerpt

Mid-Winter Magic by Nina Croft


Fifty years ago, vampire Tynan Steele loved Dina and believed she loved him. Instead, she turned out to be an assassin using him to get close to her latest target. Bitter at the betrayal, Ty swore he would make the witch pay.

Dina has loved her time in Five Oaks, living an ‘ordinary’ life—not killing anyone. But the past has finally caught up with her. Fifty years ago, she was scared to let herself love Ty, now she’s willing to take the risk. But Ty isn’t interested in love—he’s after revenge.

Can Dina use the magic of a white Christmas in Five Oaks, to convince Ty that she’s changed and deserves a second chance at love?

Click here for Excerpt

Holiday Headlines by R.M. Gilbert


A small town reporter on the hunt for a hot story gets more than she expects when she crosses paths with a mysterious private investigator.

Cub reporter for the Five Oaks Gazette, Paige Kenyon, lives a tired life in a tired town. Friendless and practically celibate, it’s looking like another lonely Christmas for a woman who wants nothing more than to find some action.

Smith Dawson, Paranormal Investigator, came to Five Oaks for two reasons: Deliver a message and then take a long overdue break. Living a lifetime of secrets in a dangerous job, he’s earned one. However, when a local reporter has a nasty habit of putting herself in harm’s way, he finds himself reluctantly at her rescue.

Is it possible her lust for adventure will land them both in the obituaries?

Click here for excerpt

Snowy Encounters by Clarissa Yip


Ever since her divorce, successful Event Planner Maddy Glover dreads visiting her hometown. For the first time in three years, she returns home for the holidays and finds herself caught at the end of an avalanche. Only to be rescued by the one man she’s determined to avoid: her ex-husband.

Ambitious and desirable Cole Harmon lives to rebuild the town and to forget the woman who hadn’t believed he had enough to offer her—until Maddy shows up in her cute city-slicker attire and sexy black boots. In need of a decorator for the holidays, he hires his ex-wife to help, only to be thrown into dark buried memories and snowy encounters that may thaw the ice between them. Will their love rekindle or will Maddy walk away once again?

Click here for Excerpt

Put on those dance shoes and join in the fun! A Passionate Christmas brought to you by Decadent Publishing, the first anthology from the Passionate Critters group! Part proceeds will be donated to Relay for Life. Help fight Cancer!


One commenter will win the whole anthology collection!

One commenter will win a copy of Smitten!

One commenter will win a copy of Mid-Winter Magic!

One commenter will win a copy of Holiday Headlines!

One commenter will win a copy of Snowy Encounters!

That’s 5 chances to win! What are you waiting for? Grab some drinks and join the excitement!

Tell us what you think! Would you like to come visit Five Oaks?

Dec 5 2010

Publisher Spotlight: Decadent Publishing

Yay! Guess who we have here today! Let’s welcome Heather Bennett, Managing Editor and co-owner of Decadent Publishing! Pull up those chairs, put those dance shoes on and stop harassing the bartender!

The most important questions:

Wine or beer? (As you know, we have a reputation to keep. If you want a club soda, I’ll have to send you to the corner.)

Both, but never together. Makes for a wicked day after. My favorites are Gewürztraminer, Moscato, White Merlot…maybe a good Cab once in a while. And I am a beer snob. I’m a Guinness, Bass or Blue Moon-with-an-orange-slice girl. Love a good, thick ale. I can’t even sip a Coor’s Light. <shudder>

Cake or chips? Are you a sugar or salt person?

I adore a small piece of a really intense chocolate cake with coffee, or a yummy Carrot Cake because I can pretend it’s healthy. What? It had veggies, nuts, dairy in the frosting….it’s almost a complete meal!

Of course, I rarely turn down some Ruffles and dip or, my fave, Olive Oil and Sea Salt Pita Chips with hummus.

*snort* Yes, I’ve heard carrot cakes are part of the veggie food group. Are you old enough to drink? LOL.

Barely. <cough> Although, I HAVE been told I look younger than my sister, who is 14years my junior. (She will send me hate mail when she reads this.)

To enter our playroom, you need to show us some goods. What did you bring me? Cupcakes aren’t going to work today…(Maybe a few books covers will do.)

<grumble> That’s because you ate 14 cupcakes the other night, probably OD’d on them. Dang. Plan B then(rummaging around in my mom-purse). I have a Snowy Encounters cover, a ½ bag of Peanut M&Ms, 3 mostly-clean napkins and a $10 bill. Pick one.

*gasp* So not true! You said they were healthy for me! They had carrots. (Grabs SE cover.) I’ll take this then. Hmpf.

Now on to business!

How long has Decadent Publishing been open now? And how would you describe your first year as a publisher?

We’ve been open since August 1st. This year is flying by! It’s been very busy, and interesting, and fun. Sometimes gives me heartburn, but I have a LARGE bottle of Tums. <wink>  We’ve enjoyed the process and have been thankful to have procured some really TALENTED writers, editors, graphic artists, and staff.

That really sounds great! What do you mostly publish? (I know you’re my publisher. Just play along.) What kind of submissions do you see most of? What are you specifically looking for right now?

Funny thing is, there truly is NO rhyme or reason to the submission pattern. We have everything from sweet contemporary romances, erotica, paranormal and shifter novellas, historical novels, interracial romances, Steampunk, campy sci-fi, YA, mainstream fiction shorts…even a non-fiction coming out next year. We LOVE the variety and the quality.

Right now we are I am looking for a few military shorts and novellas, or even novels, for Memorial Day and July 4th release.  I would LOVE to expand our steampunk line, our interracial and erotic romance line, maybe a few more sexy cowboys or a delicious Regency.

But really and truly we just want a good story—whatever length, whatever genre. If it’s quality fiction and it works for Decadent, we’ll definitely take a good look.

How would you define a good Decadent Author?

Clarissa Yip! :)
A good Decadent author is one who really likes the process of creating a good piece of fiction (or non-fiction). They work with their editors, they dig in and promote their books, they learn their craft, learn their business, and think outside the box. They are not afraid to come to us and the staff with creative ideas, new opportunities, and enjoy an environment of support.

*blushing* Whispers, “I didn’t bring any cupcakes for you…” *clears throat* What is your favorite genre and why?

If I had ONE, it would be an easy answer. But, alas, it is not so. I will say broadly the Romance genre, and specifically the sub-genres of historical, sci-fi, paranormal, contemporary, time travel…ok, pretty much all sub-genres. :)

I think variety is what makes our business so vibrant and exciting! It’s now a firm fact that our heroes can fight alien invaders, cross-breed demons or corporate raiders and we don’t blink an eye. Our heroines are no longer always 17yr old virginal ingénues. She can be a kick-ass Urban Fan chicks in leather and Manolos, maybe a strong-minded businesswoman who knows what she likes and how to get it, a 30-something mom enjoying her husband, or a middle-aged woman with smarts and experience looking for a man who can keep up with her.

Variety. That is what you will see on my shelf.

Where do you envision Decadent Publishing in five years?

I see us doing just what we are doing now, but on a bigger scale. I want to maintain the atmosphere we have in our company and with the people we interact with. It’s what makes us who we are, what makes us different.

I also see my home office with a Pacific view. THAT is a goal!

I notice a lot of Decadent Releases are single titles or they belong to series, and you have one anthology for the holiday. Will there be future calls for anthologies or larger collaborations of stories in specific genres?

Most definitely. I am a sucker for a good anthology; short stories I can read in a night or on a plane, different authors whose talent I may be only just discovering for the first time because they are under the same cover as one of my favorites. LOVE IT.

We will have a unique anthology coming out next year (it’s classified—I could tell you, but….), I want to put together a Steampunk antho, and ALWAYS a holiday one. The holiday antho this year, A Passionate Christmas, is based around a small town and I love that concept. It plays nicely with my favorite word in publishing: SERIES!

Where does Decadent stand on the print front? Will there be books in print in the future?

We are working on several at the moment. We are an ebook-to-print publisher. Paper IS in our future.

What makes Decadent Publishing stand out from other publishers? (Yes, I love making your life hard. LOL.)

Let me first say that I got into this business with my wonderful business partner, Lisa Omstead, because we have a real admiration for the industry and those who’ve made ebooks a FORCE over the past several years, and for those who’ve brought our favorite writers to the bookstores so we can savor their prose with a good cup of coffee.

At Decadent, we are trying to maintain the dignity of the title ‘published author’. We want it to continue to mean something going forward. We want our readers to know that, if they pick up a Decadent book, it will be top notch. We have a strong commitment to quality over quantity, to making each book the best it can be.

We also have a Review Coordinator, Author Liaison, Blog Maven, a staff of wonderful editors, including an outstanding Sr. Editor, and others who have specialties and support our authors in a number of ways. We work hard to advertise and promote.

What advice do you have for authors planning on subbing to you?

Know what business you are getting into. It’s not JUST about the writing. It’s about the promo, the graphics, the websites, fighting pirates, honing your craft and more.

Also, don’t be discouraged. We’ve rejected manuscripts, only to have the author re-submit something wonderful! Look at our submissions guidelines, ask questions, and don’t forget to attach your manuscript to your email.

What big events does Decadent have going on right now?

We have a HUGE promotion for December, our 30 Days of Decadence blog ( where we’re handing out prizes DAILY, our authors are blogging their holiday goodies and experiences, and we have a gorgeous Grand prize.

Are there any special announcements you’d like to share? I heard you’re going to Romantic Times Convention 2011…

Oh, my, yes we are. And we’re not going small. LOL We’ll have over 20 Decadent authors and staff there, special guests to be announced, and it is going to be FUN.

We are also sponsoring an American Cancer Society Relay For Life team in 2011. All publisher proceeds from one book per month go to Relay in our Read For a Cure program (this month’s book is Secret Santa), plus our authors are signing up as team members and some are donating a portion of their proceeds to the team. And anyone can donate to the team; it’s easy and tax deductible!

Where can readers find more information about Decadent Publishing?



Holiday Blog:


Facebook: Decadent Publishing

Goodreads:Decadent Publishing

Thank you so much for coming! Will you be giving away anything for your visit today? Maybe a some nifty books from DP’s fabulous collections? * wink *  *wink *

Why, so SMART of you to ask, Clarissa! I will give away YOUR book, plus one other to a lucky commenter. I want to know what one (or 2 or 3) Decadent Publishing book your readers want on their e-reader this holiday.

Yay! Get moving, peeps! Grab a drink and pick a book! Here’s another DP contest! Make sure you check it out! Starts December 13th-17th! Keep an eye out!