Sep 10 2012

Happy Birthdaysss

Our party guest is a birthday girl today!  Please welcome with happy wishes, PJ Schnyder!

It’s hard to believe the Terra’s Guardians series is two years old. Wow! I want to bake cupcakes to celebrate. :D

 Heart’s Sentinel was my debut novel.  Over the last two years, it won a contest by my publisher and became Decadent’s first novel in print format. I’ll never stop enjoying the feedback I get from new readers about Adam and Mackenzie’s story.

 Red’s Wolf was released right on the heels of Heart’s Sentinel. I’d had the novella written already, you see. Short, action packed and hot, Carri and Jason’s story was released literally in the same month.

 Confession: It’s been a long two years and I still haven’t submitted the third book in the series. Full Disclosure (working title) has been tough to write. At one point, I had it fully drafted and set it aside to rest. When I returned for the revision round, I realized I’d learned so much about writing craft from workshops and my experience writing Hunting Kat that Full Disclosure just wasn’t up to snuff. I want to give the best I can to my readers with every book I write! That said, over half of the manuscript got scrapped.

 This past summer, Red’s Wolf was a finalist in the ORWA International Digital Awards in the Paranormal Short category.

 I’d say that was a serious hint for me to get the next book in the series completed and submitted.   I’m hard at work on Full Disclosure, with a goal to write it as a full length novel. 

 Some people wait until the turn of the new year to set their resolutions. I try to make resolutions for myself every time I’m lucky enough to celebrate another birthday.

 While I’m working hard on my birthday resolution this month, I’d like to celebrate my birthday with all of you. Leave a comment, please, telling me your favorite thing to do for your birthday and I’ll give one lucky commenter a free ecopy of Red’s Wolf to enjoy. J



RED’S WOLF (Terra’s Guardians Book 2 – novella length)

Carri has definitely caught the eye of the big bad wolf. Visiting the Glacier Valley pack to get a little breathing room from life in the city, she uses her skills to help install a high tech airspace sensor array for her adoptive grandmother’s pack. Jason is a lone wolf, good at doing his job and good at being alone. Sparks fly between them, igniting desire hotter than Carri’s red hood. But the Glacier Valley pack has made it clear that Carri is under their protection and off limits. And yet, the heat between them is undeniable and when Carri makes her choice clear, Jason is ready to claim her as his. He’ll go against the pack and any rivals, even take down an alien hunter to have her and protect her.


If you want to find more from PJ:

Twitter:     @pjschnyder




Thanks for celebrating with us PJ!  Please leave a comment below for a shot at winning a free ebook copy of:

“Red’s Wolf”

Jun 11 2012

Last Second Filler by PJ Schnyder (Thanks!)

Hi all, Monday’s post has broken again   :’(   Our immense apologies for that!  At the last moment PJ Schnyder was awesome enough open some time in her schedule and sit down for an impromptu interview.  

That interview will go up in a few short hours – in the meantime here’s her most recent blog postThank you for your patience awesome readers!  We promise more and more giveaways in the future!  :D


Lori Foster’s RAGT 2012

June 4, 2012

Whew. Back from my very first Lori Foster Reader and Author Get Together. Thank you so much to Lori Foster and staff for organizing such an enjoyable event!

The weekend began with an ambitious road trip. Dana Marie Bell, Stephanie Flash Burke and Joyfully Reviewed piled into a rental van thanks to the L33t packing skills of Dana’s hubby.

Upon arrival, we found the hotel lovely and people already mingling a bit in the lobby. Being short of sleep and having had a day job commitment in the morning, I have to admit I didn’t make it down to socialize until lunch time. However, actual registration went fairly quickly and I nabbed my swag bag plus t shirt. After that, it was a bit more relaxed chatting and hanging out with various people both of old and new acquaintance.

Later in the afternoon, I sat with the ladies for the Friday afternoon book signing. It was so great to meet new readers, say Hi to familiar faces and generally have a good time. All of the copies of HEART’S SENTINEL I’d brought were sold and several copies of GIMME SHELTER, the anthology. Thank you to the readers who decided to give me a try!

Later in the evening, I pitched in to help with the Carina Press Pictionary event. That was incredible fun! Many of the authors of Carina Press were there to help with the game and giveaway prizes. Laughter, shouts and general hilarity ensued. We closed out the night in the lobby again, having been a mission to polish off a couple of bottles of wine. Keri Stevens and Dana joined me to meet the challenge.

Saturday began bright and early. I was told to hit the breakfast in my jammies, and that I did. Bagels, Krispy Creme Doughnuts and juice turned out to be a carb loaded, sugar rush of a start to my day. Congrats to Mimmi on winning the basket I donated for the charity raffle. I hope you enjoy the Almond Champagne. It’s one of my favorites!

Meal times stick out the most in my mind for Saturday. And while those who know me wouldn’t be surprised considering my love for food, it was really the awesome company. The Carina Press authors made lunch very pleasant with conversation covering everything from writerly views and deep thoughts to zany stories about stalkers and mayonnaise. Also, gotta say, it was a life-changing event going to dinner with Monica Burns and many other authors. My abs still ache from all the laughter and my voice is going to take days to recover. Besides, I not only got to witness but also captured on video, an impromptu reading by Monica from her book, KISMET. How cool is that? Big shout out to waiter Larry and bartender Wally for being so much fun.

Late night at the bar saw me checking in with so many cool people. Really, this event was fantastic for hanging out and chatting, making new friends and meeting new readers. I loved it! Not to mention playing Dirty Mad Libs with Linnea Sinclair and several others. Oh the insanity. LOL

After all of that, Sunday was a tired but cheerful cluster of good-byes and packing the van. The majority of the day was beautiful and I napped through quite a bit of it.

To leave you all with a peek into just how fun the weekend was, (click–>) here’s the video of Monica’s impromptu reading. Enjoy!