We didn’t Forget… Promise!

Today, our guest of honor is Patricia Rosemoor. It’s so nice to have you here! Hope you’re ready to party!


First Questions:

Wine or beer? (If you say club soda, we’ll have to send you to the corner…)

Champagne, but of course.


Cake or chips? Are you a sugar or salt kind of person?

Both–one of my favorites is dark chocolate caramels with sea salt


*squints eyes * Are you old enough to drink?

 Thank you for the compliment :)


Wait! You can’t come in yet! What did you bring us?





After a decade of searching for her runaway sister, Lilith Mitchell finds her dancing at a gentleman’s club. They barely reconnect when a killer kidnaps Hannah. Keeping his victims prisoner for days, he then hunts and kills them in a forest preserve. Determined to identify the killer and find her sister, Lilith transforms herself into Hannah’s double and gets a job at the club to lure the killer into coming after her. The killer savors the idea of doing the sisters together but first takes up Lilith’s challenge by terrorizing her. In a world of deception, where everyone seems guilty, who can Lilith trust?


What makes your characters so special?

At 17, Lilith found a way to get out of an abusive situation via school. Her younger sister ran. Lilith has never given up looking for her sister and when Hannah is abducted by a murderer, Lilith will do anything to save her…even put herself in danger by luring the killer to her.


Alright, I guess you can come in. Now off to the roast!


 Why did you want to become an author?

I was always a creative – theater, photography, film, video. And I was a  television producer-director and wrote many scripts for projects. In Europe one summer, I discovered the Angelique books, then when I came home read dozens (hundreds?) of historical romances.  I soon began to believe I could write one…


 What do you like doing besides writing and reading? Is it dangerous?

I’m a Master Gardener, trained by University of Illinois Extension to help individuals and community gardeners with gardening techniques and problems. The most dangerous aspect is dealing with the rose bushes :)

But when I was younger, I was into horses. I rode both Western and English–my favorite was hunt seat and jumping, which I equate to the feeling of being on a rollercoaster :) And yes, jumping can be dangerous, though I was never actually thrown while jumping. And yes, I was thrown about a dozen times, though I only ended up in the ER once.


 Where do you dream of traveling to and why?

My next big adventure will be to Istanbul with another author and her dh. We went to India together two years ago. We flew separately from different cities and I flew Turkish Airlines and had a stopover in Instanbul. The food, the people, the beauty of their decor intrigued me. When I had traveled in Europe many years ago, I made it to Greece but was warned that Turkey was too dangerous for women traveling alone, so I never got there then. Now I can go with friends. I’m looking foward to seeing that jewel collection in the Topkapi museum and to browsing through the bazaars.


 What was your first sale as an author? Was it special?

My first sale was very special. It was a YA romance that won the Golden Heart, and the heroine was based on my young cousin/godchild.


 Do you have a favorite of your own books and why?

Of course SKIN is my favorite because I could write it the way I wanted to…with a hero-in-doubt as one of the suspects. The romance takes a backseat to the thriller element, however.


 What do you think makes a good story?

Characters. They need to make the reader love them or hate them or be fascinated by them, but it’s character that sucks in the reader. For me, the plot grows from the characters.


 What are you passionate about?

Animals. That’s why so many of my books center around them – horses or dolphins or wolves. I currently have two cats. Both Blossom and Blitzen were adopted from PAWS Chicago where I volunteered my time for several years. Before that, I volunteered at Lincoln Park Zoo for eleven years. At one point, we had five cats and a dog in a city apartment. To research my novels, I’ve done a weekend wolf ecology workshop, visited two dolphin rescue operations and swam with dolphins, went to a mustang refuge and met the fascinating man who started it all, and the most challenging – I learned to move cows on horseback. I’ve done behind the scenes tours of zoos and animal parks. I’m up for anything positive having to do with animals.


 What else are you working on right now?

I’m writing BORN TO BE WILD for Entangled Publishing’s new Dead Sexy romantic suspense line. And my agent is submitting THROUGH THE TIGER’S EYES, a big reincarnation romantic thriller, to traditional houses. And finally, for something different, I’m co-writing a comic book – Whispers from the Void, stories from the female monsters, will be available from Diamond Distributors, starting in September. We have a Kickstarter program now with lots of different prizes for contributors: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/charles-d-moisant/whispers-from-the-voidtm


 Last question: Where can our partygoers find you and your work?

 Website: http://PatriciaRosemoor.com

Twitter: @Prosemoor


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PatriciaRosemoor



Thank you so much for coming!


One person who comments will receive a Kindle copy of SKIN.

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